Love party

8th of August


Place: Rotalia house (Tähe 3, Tartu)

Tickets: 4 euros (pre-sale), 5 euros at the entrance. Pre-sale takes place from 3rd to 7th of august at the festival information desk on Tartu Town Hall Square.

Love Party is coming once again! I don’t know if you visited us last year, but we had a blast. Dancing under the star-studded sky, Aparaaditehas was glowing in neon lights and the courtyard was filled with partygoers. This year we’re doing it again, but a tiny bit differently and in a new place, you know, just to make it interesting. Since nobody likes to stand in line, there are more than a few bars open. The DJ-s are playing warm and joyful music to make your feet move freely as the Rotalia house shines in laser-beams. For singles there will be speed-dating and the very bravest will be sent to blind-dates during the party. For couples we’ll open a romance corner on the terrace and the Rotalia house has a beautiful courtyard where you can quietly chat if that’s your thing. Fortune-teller is present and will obviously predict the future. We’ll offer a chance to find your soul-mate (you’re welcome). Feels like an adventure, right? So take some awesome friends along and come to Love Party!

Sander Mölder (TIKS)
Priit Hanni (head lapsed)
Kersten Kõrge (Kalamari unioon)
Hanna-Stella Haaristo (Planetary Funk)
Hendrik Saare (Kewllaager)


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