Claudia Llosa
  • Jennifer Connelly
  • Cillian Murphy
  • Mélanie Laurent
Hispaania, Kanada, Prantsusmaa


  • 06.08 kell 23:59 Town Hall Square


In the middle of a place that can not be actually defined, a small family consisting of three lives. Mother Nana, played by the beautiful Jennifer Connelly (Requiem for a Dream), always a little grumpy Ivan (Zen McGrath) who only cares for his hawk and little Gully (Winta McGrath) who is terminally ill. One day, waiting in a line to have the chance to have Gully treated by a traveling miracle man, another boy is picked out of the crowd. But when Ivan’s hawk breaks loose and interrupts the healing session, Nana rushes to help and discovers that she too has powers of her own. Before she can actually take the toll of it, the father of the blind boy pays back for interrupting the session and kills the hawk. At the same time we get to know Ivan years later. Played by the stunning Cillian Murphy (Inception), one day Ivan gets a visitor – a journalist Jannia, the always radiant Mélanie Laurent (Inglorious bastards), with one wish – to interview Ivan, but when the man discovers that the journalist has footage about his mother and even more, she is about to visit her somewhere close to the artic circle, the man has to decide if he is able to put aside the events that occurred with him, his little brother and mother years ago and make up his mind – how can one person who has not forgiven someone in 20 years be able to look them in the eye?